Daniel Laspra
Daniel Laspra

A few days ago and in accordance with a very Shakespearean writing the term “False Flag” returned to the fore, the article in question as pointed out by a good playwright friend reminded me of Marc Antony’s speech to Julius Caesar, an excellent antiphrase to argue for adherence to the official version of the attacks on the 17th, but can we rest easy with what we know so far?
Today we will explain what a false flag operation is and how they have affected Catalan society in the last 40 years under the constitutional regime.

To be concise, the false flag is a term that recalls the times when the Menorcan corsair Barceló in the cane of a xabec punished the boats of the regency of Algiers beyond Cap de la Nau, it was simply to confuse the traffic maritime by changing the flag of the boat in order to attack by surprise the victims confident of seeing a supposedly friendly ship.

In the last century the term was associated with covert operations carried out by states, first as methods of achieving casus belli to start wars by justifying not being the first to undertake hostilities, and later as a counter-insurgent technique, consisting when committing high-impact attacks in order to justify the repression of a social or national group, this last meaning is the one that interests us in our case, let’s try to remember.

It was any Thursday in the warm autumn of 1975, the dictator was already dying on his deathbed, in a modest working-class neighborhood, people were coming home from work, going to dinner or having a drink in the many bars on the promenade de la Verneda, all at once, a few spetses, wounded, screams, dead, cars overturned, the police from the police station shot at the “terrorists” at their discretion, in the end five dead, dozens injured, several families destroyed and a silence that lasts forty years.

Some of you will tell me that the transition was a time of uncontrolled people and that it ended a long time ago that it is better not to stir up the past and that if the newspaper library says that it was a gas explosion we will not go and say now that a bomb went killing 18 people on Capità Arenas Street and thus a list of “disasters” that happened in our cities throughout the 70s and early 80s.

The fact, however, is that there are reasons to think that not only have these incidents never stopped, but that they have been happening to the extent that the scriptwriters of the social alarm have decided to rewrite the political history of Catalonia, the Scala case the 1978 would serve as a model, the fire of an emblematic building unleashes the most ferocious repression against the incipient anarcho-syndicalism for the relief of some and for the example of others.

You don’t have to look that far, in recent decades some “facts” have gained enough headlines, usually always related to violent demonstrations to condition the agenda. Now, for a public disorder to be covered by the media, a quality target is needed, that is, burning a TV3 mobile unit, attacking a political headquarters or breaking windows on Passeig de Gràcia during an international summit, etc., etc. These are well-known mysteries, never solved, despite the fact that there are cases where members of the Spanish security forces have been identified and some have even been brought to trial.

There are many examples but there are some that are textbook, year 2014, European elections, the PP decides to hold an event in Vilanova with Minister Montoro and Sánchez Camacho, the Mossos communicate the security plan in Madrid, establish a route and perimeter, what is the surprise of the chief of operations when they see that the minister’s car takes another direction and lo and behold!, there is a violent reception committee waiting for him. When the perpetrators are investigated, it turns out that a few have come from outside the village and the most intriguing, one of them cannot hide his connection with the ultra-right and wears a body ornament that unequivocally betrays him.

It could be that for many years the political slogan given to the Mossos was that when they caught a Spanish undercover operative the word “soy compañero” automatically released the individual in question from all responsibility, but something very serious was going to change everything.

The political dynamic of the so-called Process has deserved to create a more dramatic setting, thus the storytellers have received many more means to achieve their goals, everyone knows the badly called Operation Catalonia, but the harassment of Catalan politicians has not the desired effects, could it be possible that the “House” has been given the green light to go further?
The first signs that something was not right were the special campaign directed by the former interior minister Jorge F. Díaz and the Madrid media by pointing out that our country was a breeding ground for Islamism, but that was there any truth in all this?

In recent days, some have expressly wanted to confuse the entire Muslim community with Islamism and as a corollary with jihadism, the same communities recognize but that a third of the congregations are Salafi, it seems that the Alawite monarchy has a lot to say about it. There are many signs that indicate that Morocco, in agreement with the Spanish State, supervises and even pays the maintenance of many of “its” imams, the promotion of the “bearded” is exogenous but control is shared by Madrid and Rabat , the most reliable proof is the expulsion by the CNI of the former imam Ziani, a Muslim leader who declared himself independent in 2013 and who gestated a true approximation of the Moroccan community to the Catalan reality in addition to preaching a Islam well compatible with Western society, the justification was “puts the security of the State at risk” and allegedly being an agent of the DGED (Moroccan secret services), as if the latter was a disservice to being an imam in Catalonia, as if many imams were not were expressly “imported” from Morocco with the consent of the respective Governments.

If this thesis were true, we would find that radical Islam has been promoted as a method of controlling immigrants and Muslim Catalans with this origin, fortunately the Moroccan community is sufficiently plural, unfortunately, however, the seed was already planted and it bore fruit, which soon made Catalonia the area with the most jihadist detainees in the whole State, and the majority of Maghrebi origin, but that was not enough.

Alarms were raised in 2015 when it became known that the jihadist infiltration of Spanish agents went as far as providing logistics through their usual proxies, far-right elements who promised weapons in exchange for validating targets, when the Spanish Police alerting the jihadists that they were being investigated by the Mossos, the operation was stopped while giving judicial cover to the neo-Nazi, at that moment there were a few of us who raised our eyebrows, the Mossos suddenly knew that they had a formidable enemy and that enemy was playing at home, the goals would be the same, but how many dormant cells did they have in Catalonia?
Today we know little about the attacks of 17A, only that the late imam of Ripoll was a known Salafist, a convicted criminal, he moved freely and was monitored by the Spanish police for links with the terrorists of 11M for years, we will never say that he is a false flag attack but what could go wrong?

As you can see from the Verneda to the Rambla there is a long road of blood and lies. It is time that we all work to know the truth because the shadows of the silences of the past return to the present and threaten the future of illusion that we all dream of together, we cannot in any way allow them to break the most precious thing for a society, which is coexistence in freedom. Let’s not fall into the traps of bonism or the stigma of racism, it is necessary to segment and isolate the threat in order to face the fact that the causes can be more concrete and that external interventions that can destabilize social peace must be cut short, for only with real state structures will we be able to defend the safety of Catalans regardless of our origin.